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Simply submit the info requested below for a free, no-obligation pricing quote. (And don't worry – we won't share any of your info with third parties.)

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Please check all of the the articles that you'd like to have included in your Wedzine™ from the lists below. (Wedzines are printed in multiples of 4 pages, so please choose 4 articles, 8 articles, 12 articles, etc. The cover counts as one article choice.)
Cover page
About the Couple
Thank you letter from the couple Our favorite things
"Bride or Groom?" trivia The proposal story
When we knew How we met
Our first date Meet the groom
Meet the bride Our pet peeves
Our favorite photos Our childhood photos
Our family backgrounds Our dream playlist
Our honeymoon plans Our favorite recipes
Our favorite foods Our favorite trip together
Meet our pets Religious passages that guide our lives
About our place of worship Other (Custom)
About the Wedding
Wedding week events Guide to the city
Bridesmaid bios Groomsman bios
On the menu Our ceremony schedule
About her dress Other (Custom)
Dedications and Tributes
Best wishes from mom and dad Best wishes from your brothers and sisters
Best wishes from the groomsmen Best wishes from the bridesmaids
Best wishes from your friends and family "Our favorite memories" - stories about you from your relatives and friends
Other (Custom)
Other Ideas
Table of contents Thank you to vendors
Other (Custom)