Before finalizing or printing your Wedzine, carefully review your magazine for the following issues. If any exist, they can be corrected by logging into your account and editing your Wedzine. If you’re still having trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact We’ll be glad to help!

  • Trouble uploading photos?: Images must be in jpeg (.jpg) format to be uploaded to your Wedzine, and your browser must have JavaScript and Flash enabled for the Wedzines build application to function properly. To check whether JavaScript is enabled in your browser, please visit – this website will also give you instructions on how to enable JavaScript if it is currently disabled in your browser. To check whether Flash Player is installed and working in your browser, please visit
  • Page overflows: Here, you’ll see part of one page spilling over onto an extra page that’s often largely blank. This error is caused when more text than will fit into the vertical space on a page has been entered. Too many returns on a page can also cause the problem. To correct this issue, reduce the amount of text on the page or cut the number of returns on the page.
  • Blank photo boxes: These appear as black or blank boxes in the photo space on the page. This problem results when the photo uploaded is corrupted or outside specified size requirements. It can also happen when a photo upload is interrupted by skipping to another page in the build process during the upload. To correct this problem, try uploading an alternate image file or resizing your image to fit the required specifications (see details on the photo-upload pages).
  • Erroneous spaces within text: This can happen when text is copied and pasted from a text-editing application (such as Microsoft Word) into a text field during the build process. Apostrophes and quote marks can sometimes be replaced with spaces when this is done. To correct the problem, go back to the text field within the build process and replace the spaces with apostrophes or quote marks as needed.